Boston, MA

I went to Boston last month to staff my second WordCamp Boston. It was supposed to be a short trip: head up Friday night in time for dinner, work the table Saturday and Sunday, and catch a plane back Sunday afternoon.

At the WordCamp. Happier times.

The key phrase there is “supposed to.”

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Barcelona, Spain

My trip to Barcelona took place back in March, but I still think some of the photos are worth posting here, especially since it'll be a little while until I travel again.

(A little while = like five weeks. Haha.)

Chicago, IL

I recently went to Chicago to staff the WooCommerce booth at IRCE (an ecommerce event). I was only in town for a couple days, but I was exhausted by the end of my trip.

I mostly took food photos, because if I wasn’t talking to people, I was eating so I would have enough energy to do so. 🙂

And of course, who could forget the holy grail, the beer I waited another two years to have again (and then promptly drink three of)… the Eugene Porter.

It’s so *sniff* it’s so beautiful.