Speaking Portfolio

I’ve spoken at several events over the last two years, and I’ve collected all my slides (and some videos!) here just in case you’re curious, need to re-download something, or just need to check my credentials. 😉

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WordCamp Lancaster – 2018

My first talk of 2018! I was originally scheduled to give this talk at WordCamp Lehigh Valley in mid-2017, but illness prevented me from making it to the event (thanks, fibromyalgia). Luckily, I got tapped at the last minute to fill in as a speaker for my second WordCamp Lancaster, and I had this talk …

WordCamp US – 2017

I was honored to be asked to speak at WCUS for the second year in a row, especially because this year I was given the opportunity to share my learnings from running the WooCommerce “content machine” for two years! Publishing hundreds of posts and comments for the world’s favorite ecommerce platform taught me a lot, but …

WordCamp Baltimore – 2017

My first talk in 2017 — feels like coming home again. 🙂 I was scheduled to give a talk in Lehigh Valley earlier this year, but had to back out due to illness (urgh). It’s really important to me to staff, support, and speak at my local camps, so I do everything I can to …

Automattic Flash Talk – 2015

I can’t for the life of me find the slides for this one so y’all can just watch it. (It’s actually more entertaining that way anyway!) Technically this was my first talk, if you don’t count the presentations I gave at previous companies to sales reps and coworkers.

Automattic Flash Talk – 2016

GM Flash Talk – 2016 – Why You Should Play Neko Atsume  

Automattic Grand Meetup Class – 2016

Art of Writing – Session 1 Art of Writing – Session 2 Art of Writing – Session 3 Note: session 4 has been omitted since it pertains only to communication within Automattic and there’s a lot of internal lingo/boring stuff not applicable unless you work there. If you do work at a8c and want access to …

WooConf – 2016

Snag the slides (complete with instructions for doing this all yourself): WooConf – 2016 – Content Workshop. You can also watch the non-workshop portion on YouTube.

WordCamp US – 2016

Get the slides: WCUS – 2016 – How to Overcome Your Fears and Start Sharing Your Knowledge This is probably my favorite talk to date (and will be for a long time, no doubt). I started speaking in early 2016 and then managed to get accepted to almost every WordCamp I applied to in that …

WordCamp Baltimore – 2016

WordCamp Baltimore – 2016 – Effectively Promoting (and Profiting from) Your Content

WordCamp Boston 2016

WordCamp Boston – 2016 – How to Get 100 Content Ideas in an Hour You can also watch this on WordPress.tv if you like. I was surprised by how popular this talk was — it even made it into the WordPress global news recommendations for a few days! kind of unusual to log into WordPress …

WordCamp Lancaster 2016

Get the slides: WordCamp Lancaster – 2016 – Common Misconceptions About Content Marketing or watch it on WordPress.tv.